Monday, March 27, 2017

In Bible Journaling Groups, I'm often asked,

"Is this the Bible you take to church?"
And for me, the answer is most likely, YES.*
But for most of my Bible Journaling friends
I find that the answer is probably a NO.**
 *Yes, because this is the Bible I was using before I even thought of Bible Journaling... 
I originally bought it for its wide margins so I could get more notes in it as 
I listened to sermons each Sunday...
 But I am fortunate to have had many Bibles throughout my life and I wanted to share them with you today, starting with my very first Bible, 
the little one my mama called my Rainbow Bible. 
I became a believer when I was seven years old and
I used this Bible from my earliest years until late middle school...
I love that it was used so much the binding has fallen off... 
and I always loved the photos inside that helped me learn the stories in scriptures.
And I love that even at a young age I was encouraged to mark favorite passages or scriptures that touched my heart -  

During late high school and college I used this Bible - 
and while I know it's not a literal translation - 
God sure used it to speak to me during that time in my life. 
The pages, and margins, and blank pages in the back are FILLED with notes that helped shape me into the young adult I grew to be - It was a blessing to be a part of great youth group where we learned and grew together.
It's fun to look through the pages and find all kinds of things tucked inside... 
Some things are dated and others just bring back lots of memories of a time when I really submitted to the Lordship of Christ.
 This Open Bible was my first true study Bible...
[I loved its leather smell -]
I chose the New American Standard translation becasue it was said to be the closest to the Greek and Hebrew at the time. And it's still a favorite of mine.  
I used this Bible during our young married years - young kid years -
I used it until it was literally falling apart.
I'm so glad that I have notes in the margins [and tucked inside]
from my spiritual growth during those years -
Love that I have little notes from the boys too...
After it fell apart [truly] I used these two Bible for a few years - 
Again, loved that I found some notes and things from the boys tucked inside - 
Both of these Bibles had great study notes, and I enjoyed them, but as I became more involved with in-depth Bible Study I wanted another study Bible that would give a little more insight...
So the next Bible I bought is this one
[now covered in tape, becasue it, too, is falling apart]
 This is the study Bible I am using still - 
It is also New American Standard 
[I think it will always be my favorite translation]
 and has terrific notes from many Bible scholars to help me understand 
and apply the scriptures to my life.
And again, you can see that I've always been one to write my notes in the margins.
But I needed more room....
*I bought the Bible that I currently take to church with me over ten years ago -
 It looked something like this when I bought it - 
Only purple. 
I was searching for a wide margin Bible so I could have my sermon notes right next to the scripture and when I saw this bright SQUARE Bible I loved it.
[And it didn't hurt that it was on sale and I could use our extra discount at Books-a-Million!]
Here's what mine looks like now -
I USE it, 
there's no disputing that - 

And I so enjoy being able to use art journaling techniques 
to bring The Word alive on my pages.
It goes with me to church every Sunday where I take notes 
in a little TN [traveler's notebook]
 that I later use to prompt my Bible Journaling.
After I started Bible Journaling I was happy to get this 
interleaved Bible at a discount during pre-order.  

It's BIG and THICK and HEAVY -

This Bible is definitely used mostly [only] for art journaling. 
It does not go to church with me - 
but I use it almost daily to spend time with God in The Word - 
I know y'all get tired of hearing me say how much 
I enjoy having an entire blank page to create on!
So that's it. I'm curiuos to know - 
Have you used different Bibles [translations, etc.] 
during different times in your life? 
Do you have one favorite that holds special meaning for you?
Share with me!
[I so enjoy hearing others' stories!]  

Friday, March 24, 2017

I've shared before about

the faith journaling group I get together with each month - 
It's such a pleasure to share together as we create in our Bibles -
This month a few us [inadvertently] eavesdropped on other groups that had gathered in the coffee shop where we meet - and we LOVED hearing others sharing together over scriptures and talking about the goodness of God.
I'm thankful that I live in a country where we can freely gather and talk about our Lord - and in today's world I'm so very thankful to hear other believers speaking for Christ. 
So, of course, I had to do a little entry in my Bible, 
becasue God truly is doing great things!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Earlier this month

I jumped at the opportunity to take an Indigo class from Sandhya Garg 
- She was on season 13 of Project Runway and has beautiful designs. 
I’ve always been intrigued with indigo 
[Did they use it in Little House on the Prairie?]
 so I was very excited to learn some new techniques.
 And while I can’t recount the exact names – I do like the way different patterns can result from the folding / stitching/ gathering. These are our projects, ready to dye. 
Sandhya was a great teacher and very hands-on to help us get the most out of the class - 
Here she's mixing the indigo from a kit she says we can purchase at hobby lobby... 
Each kit dyes about 15 pieces.
I love that the indigo starts out green [such a beautiful shade] 
and turns the gorgeous blue as the air hits it. 
Here are a couple of my pieces after being dipped in indigo .
The real work started - rinsing and getting the stitches and bands off - lol -
Then we hung them up to dry a bit - 
Sandhya did a scarf that [of course!] turned out beautifully!
But I really love how every single item turned out -

Take a look at the garment on the far right -
It was the last one to be dyed and has a beautiful aqua color!
It was a wonderful afternoon...
and I may just have to have an indigo party here at home.
Let me know if you're interested!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Much thanks to my sweet cousins

and aunt for arranging for us girls to have some extended time together. 
 I wish we had the time to get together more often, 
so I appreciate these three making the  effort to make it happen -
  Many of the 'girl' cousins made the trek to Wilson Lake to gab 
and let those legs swing - lol - 
It's our history after all - everyone knows that when the sisters 
[remember there were nine of them]
 were together they would sit, cross a leg, and swing it while they visited... 
Swing those legs! 
 We had a cozy weekend in a little log cabin on the lake 
during the weekend that it SNOWED. 
[I love a good midnight snow...]
What could be better than a nice cozy fire, 
[photo cred: cousin Deb]
good conversation, 
[so much GREAT conversation!]
good food 
[SO MUCH good food that we stayed tucked inside the entire time -]
[[again, photo cred: cousin Deb]]
and laughter until 
I. Could. Not. Breathe. 
[[again, photo cred: cousin Deb]]
 Seriously – I need B’s list so I can remember it all. 
It was the best. 
We shared history stuff, genealogy stuff, health stuff, family stuff, and faith stuff - 
We are so very blessed that we come from a family of faith - 
This picture is missing a couple that came and went during the weekend and 
I have every intention of photo shopping them in with us - 
[but y'all know in my great computer virus 
I also had to close out my favorite little editing program...]
We surely did miss those who couldn’t be with us - 
you would have loved it!
Hoping we can do something like this again in the summer...  
Until then, happy spring, y'all.

Friday, March 17, 2017

I thought I'd go through some old scrapbook

layouts to see what I could find for St. Patrick's Day...
Hopefully they're all tucked away nicely in an album titled 'All About Us'
because it took more than a little searching to find them on the computer.
Note - this is a re-post from last year -
Love this one because  it documents our four-leaf-clover-finding gene.
Seriously, the three of us have [ / had] it.
I used random photos and
even included clovers for proof.
And this one is fun - 
Just using some extra paper I had laying around - 
As well as an extra photo from one of my crazy photo - op ideas.
[We took the glider down the block to a neighbor's fence - ha.]
 More St. Patty's paper - with EmmaLou.
She looks so young without her long hair! 
Tiny Dog.
And this one is, of course, a favorite since it was one of my first layouts chosen to be printed in a magazine. Love that the photo was taken right after he found a few - 
And, of course - the proof is on the page!
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Faith Art Journaling

has been a part of my life for several years now - 
and I just have to share [again!] how much I'm enjoying using my interleaved Bible 
for this purpose! 
Why did I wait so long to begin using it?!? 
[I received it LAST February,l for goodness' sakes!]
 Here's a few pages I've been working on these past few weeks -  
Ephesians 3:20
"Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the Power at work within us, to Him be all glory... forever and ever, amen."
This is a prompt from J-52 -- DREAM -- and I love the devotional I found from Rick Warren about dreaming big dreams for God.The art was printed from Google images [I added a few more trees in...] and the bottom is actually a bit of patterned paper...
 Isaiah 6:1
"I saw the Lord sitting on His throne..."
This is inspired by a 'print and pray' from Illustrated Faith - 
a technique I learned in a year-long art journaling class four or five years ago - 
print a photo on regular paper and cover with a THIN coat of white gesso,
then add watery paints to it... [Crown and banner are IF.]
 Nehemiah 8:10b
"For the joy of the Lord is your strength."
Art from a flyer received in the mail - 
I think using bits and pieces of things makes an art journal  .... 
well... artsy. 
1 John 1:7-9
"But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another snd the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin..."
 Another J-52 prompt [we get a new one every Wednesday] - 
This time I was inspired by a sun and banner I saw on pinterest- so I printed the words to Oh Happy Day in in a light grey and added washi tape and paint - 
Another Print and Pray -  
Psalm 84:10
"For a day in your courts is better that a thousand elsewhere..."
I try my best to match the paint on the backgrounds when I use their word art...

Luke 12:7
"Why even the hairs on your head are numbered..."
On this page I used distress inks on the background, then put lots and lots of number stickers all over the page [I found them on sale 90% off!] then printed the song, 
"I have a maker... He formed my heat... 
before even time began, my life was in His hands... 
He knows my name! 
He knows my every thought!
He sees each tear that falls, and hears me when I call..."
 2 Corinthians 10:8. 
"Take every thought captive -"
 Yet another Print and Pray - 
I've set a goal to use these each week to actually JOURNAL my thoughts and prayers...
LOVING my new mega date stamp from Studio Calico!
 Psalm 78:4
"..We will tell... of the glorious deeds of the Lord
and His might, and the wonders that He has done."
And one last Print and Pray - again trying to match the paint to their background - 
I also wanted this paint to be a little dark so that my thoughts / prayers could not be easily read since they were deeply personal with some things going on in my life right now - 
[Photo taken prior to journaling...] 
I hope these give you some ideas of how to get started with faith art journaling - you can use anything for a background - I've used old hymnals and 
even old spiral bound recipe books! 
Just jump in and get started!