Friday, May 19, 2017

I kind of wish I was back here

for another day or two - 
I think I mentioned that we tucked a couple of days in at The Gulf between our work trips - 
And we enjoyed it for the most part - except for two things:
My sweetheart got a little [?!?] food poisoning and it was VERY WINDY [cold.] 
On the way back to Alabama we stayed at this gorgeous inn in Biloxi -  
HArd to believe it's a Choice hotel!
But their Ascension Hotels rarely disappoint!
This is the view from our room-  so beautiful!
The entire place was pretty incredible!
As we traveled on, we dipped down into Bay St. Louis, a favorite little spot on the map. 
I love these angel trees so much - carved from trees destroyed by Katrina.

 They have incredible detail. This one actually has several angels carved into it.
 And at last, the sugary white sands of The Gulf.
We always love a seagull welcome!
But they move on pretty quickly once they realize we have nothing to offer them...

We thought the wind would cover our shoes with sand before went inside!

So I finally found a little sheltered spot around the pool where I could enjoy the sun and surf with the wind blocked by our building.  I spent a little time with Art while my sweetheart re-cooped from the bad hushpuppie [or fish... although I ate that too...]
He's almost back to normal now...
All-in-all a pretty good trip!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Today I want to share a little 12x12 collage I created

using a couple of different apps - 
Prisma and PicMonkey 
[Both free and easy to use!]

I started with this photograph that my sweetheart took and changed it up a bit using the Prisma app you can download on your phone -  
 Isn't this pretty cool?
And this? 
There are SO MANY different changes you can make!
It was hard to pick only nine!
Once I'd chose the ones I like best, I opened PicMonkey 
- a photo editing app downloaded to my computer - 
and created a collage with my favorites!
Then I put it on a thumb:drive and took it to Costco to have 12x12 print made.
It looked wonderful in a 12x12 frame. I love how it turned out!

Monday, May 15, 2017

The second best 'find'

during our time in New Orleans - 
[Y'all know we love to thrift shop --]

Craig looked these tins up [I got two of them for $3]  and it seems they were made in the 1930s [if I'm remembering correctly] - Go figure. 
They make perfect little cakes shaped just like the little [angel] strawberry shortcakes 
you can buy in the store. 
I'll admit that I used a yellow cake mix. 
They were still delicious with fresh strawberries and a little greek yogurt. 
It made about 15 little cakes - the rest are in the freezer for another time.
How are y'all enjoying fresh strawberries this year?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

I'm still enjoying working with Art

through my Bible Journaling... 
So here's some pages I've worked on this month --
We have some extensive road work going on near our home and recently they hung the new red lights across six lanes of traffic [crazy, I know] and that banner of lights and signs inspired this page...
 I'm still working on the Journal 52 prompts -- 
This one was "horizon".
And I've shared before that I take a little TN [Traveler's Notebook] with me to church to take sermon notes and then use it to help me recollect and create the things that stood out to me most in my Bible art...
 More sermon notes -  
I'm finally happy with this method of keeping my notes all together... 
I tried for years to keep all the little sermon outlines in one place... but they always got scattered here and there... This little TN fits nicely in my Bible and is big enough for me to doodle and emphasize what I feel God is saying to me each Sunday - 
Would love to hear how you keep up with your sermon note!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Y’all know that we’ve been on the road

a bit these last few weeks ---
Lots of work travel for me, along with some fun travel with family and friends… 
And then MORE work travel for me and my sweetheart… 
[We love the early morning streets of New Orleans - ]
So we tucked a little beach time in between some of it…
[A very windy time at The Gulf.]
When we got home early Tuesday afternoon we found this one 
believing she was the queen of the house. 
[And, while she is, really, we don’t always want her believing THAT. Ha.] 
Seems our house / kitty checker didn’t quite get the door closed to her area, 
and in their defense, KittyLou has become quite adapt at opening doors... – lol -- > 
No problem since she could still get to her litter box[es] – whew!
We went by to pick up the tiny dog on our way into town… 
and this has been the longest we’ve left her in ages…
It was sooo fun to watch [and listen!] to her yip and yap as she ran smiling through the house when she got home! She was truly happy to be home with us once again.
Everyone who's had a dog knows they can smile, right?
 We were so happy that we got on the road early enough to have time at home to get the car unpacked [really wish I’d gotten a photo of our packed car – HA],  laundry done, mail picked up, AND yard work completed!! 

YES! Double lawn mowers!!
We even had time to go to the local Farmer’s Market 
and catch up on a couple of our recorded TV shows.
  Having the afternoon to re-group helped us be ready to start another busy work week.
I know I say this over and over – we love our busy lives, yes we do. 
But we also try [our best] to be very INTENTIONAL about 
seeking out the good things in each day. 
 Look for it!
There’s always something to be grateful for – 
We just need to slow down enough to see the gifts given to us each day!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Best "find"

of the week...
This vintage beverage set found
at our favorite thrift store 
in New Orleans.
It will be perfect for Lottie!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dinner at our favorite

place on The Gulf..
Tacky Jack's
Orange Beach.
Always delicious.
[Between work trips.]

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Most of you know

that I have given up chronological scrap booking, per se -
And I've always completed pages at least a year after the photos were taken.
[The exception is smaller travel books.]
But I recently realized that I had not even PRINTED photos for almost a year - 
so I have lots to keep me busy for a while - 
These are pages I did at a crop a month or so ago - 
The fair photos above were taken in the summer of '15 - in an attempt to practice with my camera before heading to the neon lights of Vegas that fall...
Note that I used a paper description slip as my title. 
The photos of my cousin Brain were gathered together soon after his death and at the floragraph celebration of his life after he was chosen to be on the Donate Life float in 
The Rose Parade in January 2016.
This page has photos from the first class I took with Christy Jordan of Southern Plate - you can see the little sticky not holding the place for the title  - lol
She is such a joy!
And this one has photos of KittyLou as a kitten.
[Photos from fall of '15.]
She may end up having a book all her own - lol...
Or maybe I'll pull out all the pet pages and put them in one book.... 
Since I tend to do them more and more these days - 
Love that photo of EmmaLou trying to be nonchalant around Pawley.
And goodness, This Halloween photo of MK must be three years old already - 
And yes - I will admit to stealing photos off facebook for my scrapbooks.
I love fall so much and take random photos... 
so I gathered some together for this page...
Again, at least two years ago...
So you can see that I am slowly 'catching up.' 
The truth is - there's no 'catching up in the scrapbook world because there's always a story to tell - whether it's from last week, last year or thirty years ago... we need to be gathering photos and WRITING it down....
Get to it!

Friday, April 28, 2017

My sweetheart has this [not so] little fishing trip

that he goes to yearly...

 And along with lots of guy time fishing, golfing, and playing cards, 
and there’s also lots of good eating. 
Well, turns out, their banana pudding source was no longer available so I jumped in to help out – I made a couple of batches loosely based on this recipe –
And since I have an Aunt Betty it made sense for me to use it, although, we all know that Cousin Debra makes THE BEST banana pudding around…
but I couldn't find her recipe....
Here’s my take [in addition to the ingredients below, you’ll need another container of whipped topping, a box of vanilla wafers and about 6 bananas] -
Combine 2 [3.4 ounces] packages of instant vanilla pudding with 2 cups of milk, 
let partially set.
Add in 1 [14 oz.] can of sweetened condensed milk,  8 oz. of sour cream, 
and 8 oz. whipped topping [thawed.]
Layer wafers, sliced bananas, and pudding – repeating until all pudding is used – top with additional whipped topping and refrigerate before serving.
I prefer to make this in a trifle bowl, but this needed to be sturdy for transport, so I used disposable cake pans [with lids.]
 You can see that I made two batches of this [separately] at the same time.
[First layer of pudding -]
Each batch made two layers in the rectangle pans… 
a trifle would have more layers…
[Second layer of pudding - ]
 Note that I saved some wafers to put around the edge 
for a decorative touch - lol 
It really does help someone know what they're about to eat!
Then I covered the tops with whipped topping.
I like A LOT of whipped topping – who doesn’t?!
 I think my mama’s had meringue topping [– yum!] 
so I did my best to make it look like meringue by touching the spatula lightly 
and lifting it up to form small peaks.
I think they look pretty!
And the lids that came with the pans fit nicely without squishing ot all down...
 I’ll admit that I had to have a bit before it was sent off for the guys to enjoy!
I hope you enjoy it too!
I'm pretty sure they did since I've been asked to make three for next year's gathering!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Happy Birthday

to this one!
 It's a joy to have you in our lives!
[Side note: I love this photo that I bumped up 
a notch or two with picmonkey!]