Wednesday, August 16, 2017

In case you didn't

know already, we've been in the islands.
Craig had some work stuff in San Juan
so  I went along and
we extended the trip to enjoy a little time on St. Thomas and St. John.
Really beautiful, relaxing, and nice...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Do you have a summer

bucket list?
We've always made a little list of things we want to do 
-- mostly for fun -- 
during the summer.

Back in the day it consisted mostly of summer [camp] opportunities for the boys - 
They did everything from sailing to chess to bowling to tennis to swimming to... 
well, you get the idea.  
This year we went a little different route and documented 
what we really did during the summer months - 
It's been kinda fun to see this board get filled up with things during the last few months!
Livin' Life - 
that's what we do!

Friday, August 11, 2017

So KittyLou may

be getting ready for the new school year -
As for this 'empty-nester' I've completely lost track 
of any semblance of the school calendar...
And I'm good with that.
Although, I do still kinda miss buying back-to-school supplies...

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lottie Scottie Update No. 001-2017

Here's the deal - 
We bought our first little canned ham [Scotty] about a yer ago - 
and we adored her - 
But as we got into the re-furb, it turned out to be a little more than we wanted to do -
We [again, really, my sweetheart -] re-built the front wall, re- built the front benches, and re-built the slide out bed / couch... but there was still A LOT that needed to be done..

 Late in the spring we bought this jewel for parts - and cleaned it out, got a few things we wanted / needed and sent it on its way [for a profit.] 
It got us to thinking about how the extra height was pretty cool... 
I loved that there were windows  that let light in yet were high enough that people standing on the ground could not see in - 
 So that brings us to Lottie 2.o.
[Hereafter referred to as Lottie Scotty.]
You know, my sweetheart is always 'looking' for a good deal - so when he found this one and it was affordable and I saw THAT DOOR, I was all about going to see it before someone else grabbed it up -- 
 And then I saw THESE WINDOWS up front - oh. my.
 She needs a little work - but NOTHING like her cousin!
I'll be documenting how we're coming along with it all if you want to follow along! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Soooo -- this also happened in July...

Joseph Brandt Bolton decided he would surprise us all 
and come into the world a little early - 
I was so happy I could be a part of their big day!
I told Kelly she should hold off for 12 more hours or so -- 
[so he could be born on MY birthday - lol]
she didn't go for that - ha.
 Needless to say The Sister [as she says she wants to be called] is THRILLED.
And while she may call him William, I'm thinking the aunts are going to have a hard time not calling him Brandt... but Joseph he is! 
Tiny and wonderful!
A gift from God, right on time -

Friday, August 4, 2017

Right here -

Right now - 
KittyLou is wanting to go outside every time the door is opened - 
only to want back in five minutes later...
Also - try as I might to remember to take a hat with me when I'm going to be outside it always seems to be hanging right by the door when I get back home. 
 I've resorted to keeping one in the car!
Hope your summer days are sunny and bright!
[We've had our share of rain 'round these parts!]

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hey! Did I share

with you that I finally got most of my scrapbook pages seperated 
and in albums so that I can find my photos easier? They're all on their proper shelf again and I love the way ti looks and the organization of it all!! 
[There's not rhyme or reason for the colors, though - ha.]
Here's a recent page from the class with CZ - her designs are always classic and timeless! [And no, I'm not above grabbing photos off the internets. ha.]
And here's one I did I with photos from our lazy river afternoon late last summer - I really hope we can get a trip in again this year, but August is looking pretty full right about now.

I did a sweet little book for our Division Director's Retirement. 
But I didn't take even one photo of it.
It was full of photos through the years and sweet notes from friends.
Just what a scrapbook should be!
What are you scrap booking these days?

Monday, July 31, 2017

Well. Goodness.

Do I go forward or do I go backwards?
It's been a while since I've posted... 
And try as I might to have some things pre-posted and ready to go, 
Life sometimes gets in the way - lol.

So let's see if this can be a little 'catch-up post - 
The day after we got home from Gatlinburg I headed to Montgomery for a week of work and mock-training for a course we hope to get out later in the fall. It was a productive week and I think we got a lot accomplished... and one afternoon I HAD to take the drive out to a sunflower field I'd heard about - turns out I found two gorgeous fields of flowers - so worth the drive to see acres and acres of these big beautiful flowers in full bloom!
 July has been a little over-the-top with artsy stuff for me - I've been involved with ReSet Camp with Cori - a fun little on-line camp where we've focused on getting ourselves back on track to take care of US. It was fun to see all the prompts and give some things a try - but I think what I learned most is that, try as I might, I'm just not a planner girl.
I mean, sure I use my calendar [planner] to track my life - but not to the the extent that these gals do. I just don't have that kind of extra time right now...
But I DID commit to completing the July Lister's Gotta List Challenge - and that's been fun! 
 I've also signed up for a ten week on-line class, Art Journal Summer School
 with Marieke Blokland -- in the Netherlands - 

And I can't tell you how much I'm loving this class!!
I'm re-purposing a little Bible Study book I did back at the beginning of summer and I'm loving the smaller format and weekly techniques.
And I couldn't resist taking another class from the talented Cathy Zielske!
She's my all-time favorite designer in the scrapbook world! So while I'm a little 'behind' with this on-line class - I know it will be there ready for me when I get back to it - 

And of course, I'm still plugging along [always a few weeks "behind"] with the J-52, Year Long art journal prompts with Effy Wild. I've committed to doing these in my inter-leaved Bible - 
and I have to admit that I love this one so, so much. It's inspired by a dream catcher I saw in google images - and I don't know... maybe I'm finally getting better at adding 'light' in the right places... I could just look at this all day long. . . [well, not really... but maybe... ha.] It stays open on my desk so I see it every time I walk by --
You should check out all of these artists - each wonderful and unique in their own way!!
And then, of course we [and by 'we' i mean mostly my sweetheart] have been busy planning and scheming and WORKING on this little jewel. Our first excursion is scheduled for October and y'all know, time flies - and we've got quite the list to accomplish!
But we already know we're going to love it!
So - that's the catch-up for July - mostly.
I'll do my best to plan ahead and stay on a schedule for August - 

Monday, July 17, 2017

We enjoyed a litle get-a-way

to Gatlinburg this past weekend for our niece's wedding -
I've not seen her post any photos yet, so I'll wait a bit for that ...
It rained off and on throughout the time we were there - 
but it was still as beautiful as always. 

We had a great time visiting and catching up a bit with family and little ones - 
 And walking up the parkway - 
We love staying across from the aquarium where
we hear their music each time we step out of the hotel -
We saw different ones at breakfast, and had meals with others - 
The wedding was at a beautiful log chapel out in Townsend...
Complete with a creek [river - ?] flowing behind it.
[You can see from our photo that when it wasn't raining 
the sun was CRAZY bright - lol.]
And the reception was just across the way at another great setting 
with pretty gardens and decor  surrounding it - 
Since everyone lives in different directions we don't get to see our GREAT nephews very often [these plus two others that really REALLY didn't like to have a camera in their face] - and y'all know - they grow up way too fast! 

Friday, July 14, 2017

On my shelf -

But y'all know I'm always late to the [internets] party...
Recently I joined up and am loving having a fun little app to keep up with the books I've read. [In the past, I've had a little tab in my planner and kept a list there...]
But, let me tell you -- this is SO MUCH easier - 
And if you read on Kindle, it links and records it all for you.
My goal for this year was to read 30 books - 
I LOVE to read, but I have a problem of getting so absorbed in a book that 
I. Cannot. Put. It. Down.
So, I've learned that I need to pre-plan some reading time.
I mean, it's not good to start a book the night before an early travel day 
and then be up until 3 a.m. reading... I'm just sayin'. 
So, I'm being more intentional about my reading this year, 
and I'm loving setting aside time to read.
 This is just a small stack of books I'm reading -